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Simon Echterhof Domain Name Offering

This document is valid since: January 20th, 2024

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The service specializes in offering a curated selection of high-quality, pre-registered domain names to businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence.

Simon Echterhof does understand the importance of a domain name in today's digital world. It's not just an address for your website; it's a vital part of your brand identity, your business' first impression, and a crucial component in building trust with your audience. That's why Simon Echterhof has taken great care in selecting domain names that offer potential for brandability, memorability, and impact.

This document, the Terms & Conditions ("Terms"), is designed to outline the terms and conditions associated with the purchase and transfer of domain names from Simon Echterhof. It serves as a legal agreement between you, the buyer, and Simon Echterhof, and it governs your use of the services and website.

By engaging in a transaction for one of my domain names or domain name packages, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms. These Terms cover key aspects such as domain name listings, pricing and payment, transfer of ownership, your responsibilities as a domain name owner, and legalities associated with the transaction.

I encourage you to read these Terms carefully and to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have before completing a purchase. My goal is to ensure a smooth, transparent, and satisfactory experience for all customers.

Domain Name Listings
Availability and Selection

Simon Echterhof offers a diverse range of pre-registered domain names for purchase. These domain names are listed on his website and are subject to availability. He regularly updates the listings to include new and unique domain names that cater to various industries and interests. However, please note that the inclusion of a domain name in the listings does not guarantee its availability, as the inventory is dynamic and subject to change.

Domain Name Information

Each listed domain name on the website includes relevant information such as the domain name itself, a brief description (if applicable), the asking price, and any other relevant details. Simon Echterhof strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information for each domain name. However, Simon Echterhof is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions in the listings.

Exclusive Rights and Ownership

All domain names listed are exclusively owned by Simon Echterhof until the completion of a purchase transaction. Ownership of the domain name is transferred to the buyer only upon full payment and completion of the transfer process. Until that point, Simon Echterhof retains all rights to the domain name, including the right to modify, sell, or remove a listing without prior notice.

Domain Name Pricing

The pricing of each domain name is determined by Simon Echterhof and is based on various factors including market trends, domain name length, brandability, and overall demand. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. In the event of a pricing error on our website, Simon Echterhof reserves the right to cancel any transactions involving such errors.

Pricing and Payment
Pricing Policy

The price for each domain name is determined based on several factors, including but not limited to its uniqueness, market demand, intrinsic value, and historical relevance. Prices are listed in Euro and are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Payment Method

For all domain name purchases, Simon Echterhof exclusively accepts payment via bank transfer. This method ensures a secure and traceable transaction for both parties involved.

Upon agreement to purchase a domain name, the buyer will be provided with detailed bank transfer instructions. This will include Simon Echterhof's bank account details, the total amount due, and any specific references or notes to include in the transfer.

Bank transfers may take several business days to process. The initiation of the domain name transfer process will occur only after Simon Echterhof has received and confirmed the payment in full. Buyers are advised to initiate the bank transfer promptly to avoid delays in the domain name transfer process.

Any fees associated with the bank transfer, including but not limited to service charges or transaction fees, are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Simon Echterhof must receive the full amount as listed for the domain name; any shortfalls due to transfer fees or charges must be covered by the buyer.

Payment Terms

Full payment is required to initiate the transfer of a domain name. Upon agreement to purchase a domain name, the buyer will receive an invoice with detailed payment instructions. Payment must be made in accordance with the terms specified on the invoice. Failure to complete payment within the stipulated timeframe may result in the cancellation of the sale and the relisting of the domain name.

Taxes and Additional Fees

All prices are exclusive of any taxes, duties, or other charges imposed by governing authorities. The buyer is responsible for the payment of any such additional costs. Simon Echterhof will provide an estimate of these costs at the time of sale, but it is the buyer's responsibility to confirm and pay any applicable taxes or fees.

Payment Confirmation and Receipt

Upon receipt of payment, Simon Echterhof will provide a confirmation of payment to the buyer. This confirmation serves as a receipt and proof of purchase for the domain name.

Refund Policy

Given the nature of domain name transactions, all sales are final and non-refundable once the transfer process has begun. In the rare case of a transaction error or if the domain name is no longer available for sale, Simon Echterhof will provide a full refund to the purchaser.

Transfer of Ownership
Initiation of Transfer

The transfer of domain name ownership is initiated only after Simon Echterhof has received full payment and it has been confirmed. The buyer will be notified when the transfer process begins.

Transfer Procedure

The transfer procedure involves several steps:

Timeframe for Transfer

The timeframe for completing the transfer varies depending on the registrars involved and the specific domain extension. Typically, the transfer process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days.

Buyer's Responsibility

It is the buyer’s responsibility to:

Transfer Delays or Failures

Simon Echterhof is not responsible for delays or failures in the transfer process due to incorrect information provided by the buyer, non-compliance with registrar policies, or other factors beyond his control.

Confirmation of Transfer

Upon successful transfer of the domain name, Simon Echterhof will provide confirmation to the buyer. The buyer should verify the transfer with their registrar.

Ownership Rights

Once the transfer is complete, the buyer will assume all rights and responsibilities of the domain name ownership. Simon Echterhof will no longer have any control or claim over the domain name.